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Why Choose Us?

We're Reliable

Simply put – we are structured to be there when you need us. Many clients prefer to work with us for projects throughout the year. Others want us engaged at all times. Either option – and anything in between – is fine with us.

We're Affordable

For development stage companies, we can provide the targeted and affordable support you need when you need it. We welcome the chance to "start small" and grow as your communications needs expand. Our hourly rates are 40-50% lower than most large agencies, helping your PR budgets to deliver more results.

We're Experienced

Global leaders in healthcare choose Berry & Company because we offer superior insight and experience without the costs and bureaucracy of larger agencies. For global needs, we have established relationships with high quality agencies in EU, Asia and South America.

If you have a communications challenge or opportunity, or you want to talk about a specific project, call us. We are ready to listen and offer you some recommendations at no obligation and no cost.

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