Berry & Company Public Relations
345 Seventh Avenue, Suite 402, New York, NY 10001

Special Services

  • Media interview and presentation training
  • Graphic design
  • Crisis management

Media and Presentation Training

Our customized training programs in interview and presentation technique provide the insight and how-to instruction that can help any spokesperson handle these important responsibilities with greater confidence and skill. Each training program is customized to address individual needs and includes both classroom instruction and video performance review. Berry & Company has provided media training support to hundreds of senior executives at pharmaceutical, biotechnology and medical device companies and to more than 1,000 medical experts, including many leading clinicians and scientists.

Graphic Design

Berry & Company is one of the few specialty PR agencies with in-house capabilities in graphic design. As we develop both content and design materials, our team has an in-depth understanding of each client's focus and goals. For everything from logos and branding to production of brochures, stationery, slides, white papers, posters, newsletters and more, we control the process and manage quality every step of the way.

Crisis Management

Effective crisis management can determine whether and how quickly a company recovers from an unanticipated event. We have effectively managed communications related to many issues that have affected our clients, including product shortages and recalls, regulatory challenges, activist shareholders and changes in senior leadership. In many cases we are able to identify potential issues well in advance and plan proactive communications strategies to address them effectively. When the unexpected happens, our familiarity with the media and focus on sound, ethical and proven-effective communications strategies can play a vital role in helping our clients weather any storm and return to normal operations as quickly as possible.

Graphic Design